Our Vision


Not one person is alike, and having one vision isn’t enough. We at AWOM aim to unite all beings who have not only lost an angel in their lifetime, but are looking to find themselves. We strive to raise awareness, spreading our wings all over the world, to create support groups for victims and families to feel a sense of comfort in hardship. By influencing a positive perspective and raising one’s self-worth, we aim to create a new generation of future leaders.


Our Mission


To be the angel, that inspires living angels to support one another in times of loss and grief.

We seek to provide support systems to build confidence, self-worth, and bring meaning to lives who need healing. Through volunteering and donations, we look to collaborate with other organizations and individuals to serve as angels to all communities. Aside from aiding every age, we specialize in support groups for young girls to encourage a brighter future ahead of the path they live in now.

Our mission is to inspire people to want a mission of their own.